Holiday Online Shopping: 5 Reasons To Give Thanks For Website Security

As the holiday season approaches, people everywhere are preparing for holiday online shopping. Whether they’re looking to buy clothing, cell phones, or anything in between, one thing is true: they want to safely purchase their goods without worry of falling victim to hackers and their nefarious schemes. For businesses, that’s where strong website security comes into play.

Securing your website is essential to ensuring strong business operations and excellent customer service. A secure site not only protects against financial fraud and legal penalties, but gives you the opportunity to focus on your business without worrying about security issues. It also gives holiday shoppers both confidence and peace of mind when making online transactions. As an added bonus, implementing website security can also lead to additional site traffic, making it easier for search engines to find your website, which benefits both you and your customers. And once your customers arrive at your secure site, they are sure to have the best possible holiday online shopping experience with faster page load speed, minimal disruptions, and maximum uptime.

Website security can seem complex, but can easily be implemented to ensure the safety of your business and customers. Although there are numerous reasons to be thankful for website security, we’ve listed our top five reasons below.

1. Website Security Can Protect Your Brand

A website is the face of your company, and ultimately its appearance, functionality and security can make or break your brand. For example, any website that collects private information from users must have the right level of website security in place. When making online purchases, customers may input their name, email address, and credit card information, so securing your website will keep your customers (and your business) safe from potential hackers looking to steal their personal information.

Having website security also protects your brand by creating customer confidence and trust. Customers who have negative experiences with a site, or have had their information stolen, often won’t return to that site. In fact, 65% of data breach victims lost trust in an organization as a result of the breach. So, securing your website is important to secure customer trust in not only your site, but your overall brand.

2. Website Security Improves Search Engine Optimization And Traffic

One of the top benefits of a secure website is gaining more customer traffic. Site security helps search engine optimization (SEO) and search rankings improve, so customers are more likely to find your website and services through a simple Google search.

When consumers are holiday online shopping, transactions are carried out and information is exchanged between the server and visitor, so Secure Socket Layer certification (SSL) on your website is essential. The SSL certificate offers consumers security and is one of the factors Google considers when ranking websites in search results.

Adding Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and DDoS protection to your website also ensures that shoppers can browse your site without malicious bots and swarms blocking good site traffic. Regular website scanning for malicious software keeps hackers away from your site while also helping with search rankings.

3. Website Security Can Improve Site Performance

Studies have shown that 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. When businesses have fast load speeds and strong uptime, visitors who are holiday online shopping are more likely to browse web pages and follow through with a purchase. While SSLs keep your website and customer’s data safe, they also focus on performance improvements, so installing one will result in a faster web page load speed.

Additionally, having website security in place can help ensure your website doesn’t incur any unexpected downtime or unwanted disruptions due to security threats or cyber attacks. When it comes to online shopping, especially during the holidays, ensuring constant uptime to your customers is an absolute necessity for sales, as well as building customer trust.

4. Website Security Can Provide Peace Of Mind

Every business owner understands their website is a vital building block to establishing an online market presence. However, when it comes to website security, few have the time, knowledge or resources to ensure they have the right solutions in place, or to constantly monitor their site for potential security issues.

By implementing website security, ideally automated solutions, business owners are empowered to focus on what matters most - their business - without worrying about dealing with complicated security issues. Instead, you can use the time to improve the holiday online shopping experience for your customers, build your brand reputation, and grow your business.

5. Website Security Can Drive Revenue Growth

Fifty-seven percent of holiday shopping is done online, so earning a customer's trust is key to making sales, driving more conversions, and watching your business grow.

If a customer trusts your site, they’ll be more likely to browse, sign up for promotional offers, add items to their cart, and check out. Your site security can help you win new business, attract repeat customers, and inspire referrals—all of which boosts your bottom line.

Displaying a security trust badge or seal on your website can instill confidence in potential customers. It lets website visitors know that your page is protected, and any data they share with you will be collected through secure third-party service providers. It also shows that your website is regularly tested for security protocols and is clear of vulnerabilities and malware.

Partner With The leader In Website Security

30,000 websites get hacked every day, with numbers growing daily, so the importance of website security is increasing rapidly. Being secure online is vital to protecting your brand and reputation, the data it holds, keeping your customers safe, and ensures your peace of mind. With the upcoming holiday season, one of the most overlooked aspects of preparing for the holidays is website security. Don’t get left behind when it comes to protecting your site and visitors, especially when customers are spending the majority of their time online shopping.

Secure your site today and get the protection you need for this holiday season, to ensure your business, your customers, and your bottom line are safe from cybercriminals. Become a partner with SiteLock today and learn more about how you can protect your customers personal information with the right web security solution.

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