Frankie Jarrett (GoDaddy) – WordPress Influencer Interview

August 17, 2016 in Community

While at WordCamp Kansas City 2016, we ran into Frankie Jarrett manning the Happiness Bar, helping new WordPress users get started with the platform and answering advanced questions. Frankie is known in the community for his role at GoDaddy, advancing Managed WordPress products and helping educate WordPressers at various WordCamps through one-on-one conversations and more formal talks, such as the one at #WCKC.

In our interview with Frankie, we chat about all kinds of WordPress-related things, including how he got started with WordPress and what keeps him up at night.

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[add_transcript]>> Question: What are your Goals at WordCamp?

>> Frankie Jarrett:
My goal is probably the same in every WordCamp, which is meet new people, talk about WordPress, learn something new. Hopefully be able to share something
with someone for the first time, like help them learn something for the first time. My new goal today is to show my wife what WordCamps are about because
this is her first one.

[to Grace Jarrett] Oh, good timing babe, I’m being interviewed.

>> Grace Jarrett:
I’m going to scoot over…

>> Question: When did you start using WordPress?

>> Frankie Jarrett:
I started using WordPress– a friend introduced me to it in like 2007 and I thought it was kind of weird. I was building sites for people and the time and
just, you know, hard-coding stuff. This friend of mine said, “Oh yeah, I’m building this site, I’m building it on WordPress,” and I was like “yeah, I’ve
heard of WordPress, but I had checked it out once and I wasn’t really that impressed.” He said, “no, check out this thing I’m building. I’m building this
custom, you know, thing on my post screen and I can insert custom stuff.” I was like, “oh, that’s actually pretty cool,” and he goes, “yeah, but look at the
code,” and the code looked like it was pretty simple to do so then I started looking into it. By 2009 I was working in WordPress full time, so, the rest is

>> Question: Batman or Superman?

>> Frankie Jarrett:
Batman or Superman? Whoa. Probably gonna go with Superman because I think, I think like Batman has like some issues. I think Superman, you know, Superman
like, he just found himself on this planet and he’s doing the best he can. Plus, if he had to fight Batman, he would totally win because Batman doesn’t have
the resources to get Kryptonite. So, I mean, do the math. Superman.

>> Question: Faster or Slower?

>> Frankie Jarrett:
Always faster. Faster, faster. Oh man, coding is my game. I want to– I want to see how fast I can solve a problem. I will get frustrated with myself if a
problem– if I know in my heart this is taking me too long, I should have had this done thirty minutes ago. In my worklife, always faster. Not in my personal
life, slower is always better there, but fast in my work life. The faster I work, the faster I get off and I can go do my own thing.

>> Question: What keeps you up at night?

>> Frankie Jarrett:
Man, that’s kind of a creepy question. I will say that if I try to go to bed at night and I haven’t solved, like, a problem, or achieved like the goal for
the day, that I wanted to like solve some particular problem, I have a really hard time sleeping. I definitely need to go to bed or leave work to spend time
with my family having achieved the problem or at least closed the case on something even if I come to the determination “well, I did what I could, but I’m
gonna to have to continue this tomorrow.” If anything is lingering or hanging in the air that I haven’t– (I) felt like is unfinished business, oh man, my
mind. I will have dreams about it. I will have dreams about coding and fixing a problem. It’s pretty messed up, but that’s my life, this is my truth.

That’s it?

>> [offscreen] Logan Kipp:
That’s it.

>> Frankie Jarrett:
That was easy.[/add_transcript]

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