David Bisset (BuddyPress) – WordPress Community Interview

July 20, 2016 in Community

In this edition of our WordPress Community Interview series, we caught up with David Bisset while attending WPCampus. David is a long-time freelance WordPress developer and prolific user and developer of the suite of plugins named BuddyPress.

He has a deep understanding of both the software and the community and offers his insight (and comedy) about the future of WordPress and what that may entail.

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David Bisset:
My name is David Bisset, um I am a WordPress/BuddyPress freelancer. I also do work for Awesome Motive, the creators of Envira Gallery, Soliloquy, and various other plugins including MonsterInsights. My Twitter handle is @dimensionmedia.

When did you start with WordPress?

Um, I started, I th-, I think I’ve been with WordPress now for like almost 9 or 10 years. I started I think when version 1.5 came out. Uh, I think that was the first version with theme capability or something along those lines, but that’s when I started with WordPress. I’ve been work doing, I’ve been working with WordPress for about a decade.

What has been your biggest WordPress win?

Hmm, biggest WordPress win I think would just be ke-, keep advancing my development in keeping up with things. So, it’s not easy keeping up with the WordPress development once you go to a certain level. I think a lot of my wins also I’m almost able to, to make jokes at conferences too would probably be another win, and no one has killed me or dragged me out-, outside yet. Um, but I think the learning BuddyPress too is also a big win for me. It’s not a, you know, it’s not the pop-, most popular plugin out there but it’s still … It’s a powerful plugin that once you get your handle on, people would love to … People have loved to approach me saying, “Yeah, you’re one of the few people I know who do BuddyPress. Answer my question or help me out with this,” so that’s been pretty, pretty interesting and productive.

Where do you see WordPress in two years?

I don’t think WordPress is going to change a whole lot in two years just because it’s the slow … Unless, unless there’s a giant catalyst, the WordPress is, has always been going the slow iteration route but depending on what happens with the REST API and any external forces like uh, like maybe um, you know reactions to what Medium does or, or other quote unquote competitors or that sort of thing. I think eventually we’re going to get a point where WordPress will be that something, maybe something like what Matt was talking about, like the software for the internet or or, I forget his quote exactly.

But along those lines well WordPress will just be the software that runs a particular application or platform, and even the admin system might eventually, you know, you may have different admins to pick because people will hopefully be able to design new admins, simpler admins with the REST API. Um, I don’t think that’s going to be something that’s going to be like, in two years, I think we’ll probably get closer to that. Um, maybe I think there’s going to be a lot of experimentation with it obviously first, and I think that’s where we’ll probably be by the time two years comes around. Pretty solid experimentation, more people learning JavaScript, and then maybe after that, if it takes off the right way there’ll be a lot more commercial, like commercial companies and agencies jumping on board with that a lot more. But I think that’s where a lot of the changes in WordPress are going to be. If anything it’s going to be in the admin.

What keeps you up at night?

Um, not being able to find someone to pro-, to sponsor me for various things. I don’t believe in sponsorships. At all. I think they’re, they’re they’re degrading. Nothing really, not so much. I think, I think WordPress more or less is in good hands. I think there a lot things that needs to be … I think, I think a lot of things do need to be straightened or or improved upon. I think a lot, and I think I’m in the general consensus. We, we could use a better uh, direct-, or we’re, a better, not leadership but just like directed in wh-, which, what direction is WordPress taking exactly. Um, is going to be like made for everybody or is there going to be a push more toward um, the CMS route, the application route, or the blocking route. I think right now we’re kind of, we’re kind of taking on everything and I think maybe, eventually that might be biting off more than we can chew but, you know, um, other than that, other that, the only time I don’t get sleep is during when I’m preparing for WordCamp Miami.

Lightning round!

Beer, pizza, and Diana Ross.

Superman or Batman?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek.

Faster or slower?

Furiouser. Um, faster. Did I win?


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