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January 22, 2014 in Cybersecurity News

With the Target data breach and its endless repercussions still on most people’s minds, next week’s Data Privacy Day (January 28th) is well-timed to pause and think about data privacy and what it means to your business and customers.

The idea behind Data Privacy Day has been around for a number of years, but began to really catch on in 2009 with the U.S. Congress declared the very first National Data Privacy Day. So every year around this time, privacy and security advocates use this annual event to raise consumer and business awareness about privacy, what it does and should mean to us, and why it’s so important for all of us to recognize.

And a big part of the discussion around privacy is the role data breaches place in betraying that privacy. Which makes this year’s event perhaps the most important Data Privacy Day so far. As part of the celebration, if you can call it that, the Online Trust Alliance, or OTA, has published a great guide to preventing and responding to data breaches. The 2014 DATA PROTECTION AND BREACH READINESS GUIDE is packed with helpful and easy-to-apply advice on how to prevent a data breach from happening in the first place, and how to respond if the worst does happen.

An estimated 740 million records were exposed by data breaches in 2013 – records that included names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers and Social Security Numbers. And a third of the breaches recorded were blamed on internal mistakes, usually by employees.

SiteLock is proud to be both a member and sponsor of the Online Trust Alliance as well as a contributor to the Data Protection and Breach Readiness Guide. We urge all our readers to download the free guide and put it to good use. Share it with all your employees and partners, make it part of a regular and updated breach management program so that hopefully, your business will never be part of those statistics. You can also reach out to SiteLock at 855.378.6200 for a free website security consultation. We are available 24/7/365 to help.

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