Don’t Get Hit With a Cyberattack This Holiday Season

November 2, 2015 in Cyber Attacks, Small Business

Consumers have endless choices of where to shop this holiday season and your store – whether brick & mortar or online— must stand out. A well-designed, easy to use website is critical in cutting through the clutter to attract holiday shoppers and drive them to make a purchase. However, it’s important note that the same features you use to improve your user experience and retain customers can also leave your website vulnerable to a cyberattack and pose a significant threat to your business. Learn what we mean by this…

Retailers can generate as much as 30% of total annual sales during the holiday season, with a large percentage initiated online. While you want your website to be engaging, providing a safe user experience should be a top priority.

Predict Your Likelihood of a Cyberattack

SiteLock research shows that the more website features a website has, the more likely it is to be compromised. For background, website applications such as videos, customer product reviews, polls and social media tools each deliver a small piece of source code that executes in your customer’s browser. Because this source code is frequently overlooked from a security standpoint and left unprotected, it is an easy (and tempting) target for a cyberattack. If your web applications are attacked, this compromised code can lead to a host of problems, including theft of credit card numbers and automatically redirecting the browser to another site. This can ultimately damage your customer’s experience and rob you of holiday sales.

Prepare for the Holiday Season

With Cyber Monday just a few short weeks away, now is the time to hit pause and review your current website security strategy before a cyberattack occurs. Research shows that 71% of consumers feel it is up to the online stores to ensure the protection of their information.

A good way to help you avoid unpredictable and invisible attacks on your business this holiday season—and all year-round—is by installing a website scanner. Make sure the scanner you choose provides continuous scanning on your site and identifies and removes website malware automatically.

You can protect your business this holiday season by having a proactive solution and securing all access points, and SiteLock can help. Give our security experts a call at 855.378.6200. We are available 24/7/365 to help.

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