Put the Customer’s Data First: Data Protection in the Holiday Season

As more consumers shift to online shopping this holiday season, they expect their information to be protected every time they make a purchase. With just weeks left until the holiday season kicks off, now is the time to review your current website security strategy. It is important to ensure you’re well equipped to protect your customers’ data when cyber criminals attack.

Though you may be thinking your company isn’t at risk, consider this: unless customers are only using cash for their purchases, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t become a victim of a data breach. Because of the magnitude of compromised data throughout 2015, one of the biggest concerns for holiday shoppers is whether or not their personal data is protected, including credit card information.

Consumers’ choices are affected by data breaches. Recent data shows that 15 percent of respondents said they generally stopped shopping at breached retailers. To stay financially afloat, you just can’t afford to take the risk. So, how do you protect your customers’ data, and ultimately, your brand reputation?

Educate Your Employees

Recent studies show non-malicious employee error is a leading cause of data breaches today. Training employees on best practices is critical in ensuring your customers’ data will be protected as they shop online. Make sure your employees are using strong passwords and are changing them regularly.

Remove Malware From Your Website

Due to its elusive nature, malware can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Fortunately, you can scan your website for existing malware. To ensure even better protection, make sure to use a scanner that removes malware from your website automatically.

Avoid DDoS Attacks With a Web Application Firewall

As with any security risk, prevention is the smartest strategy. DDoS attacks are on the rise, and retailers of all size should be considering how to minimize their risk of an attack ahead of time. Be sure you’re protected – a web application firewall can be used to secure your website against the largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

This holiday season, don’t make the mistake of assuming your company is safe from an attack. Instead, contact SiteLock to start protecting your customers’ personal data by establishing a game plan to prevent website security threats.

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