5 Ways to Non-Developers Can Contribute to WordPress

June 1, 2016 in Community, WordPress Benefits

WordPress would be nothing if it weren’t for the thousands of people contributing to this open source software project and community. But what if you’re not a developer or designer? How can you get involved?

If you’ve faced these same questions, you might be surprised to learn that it’s much easier to contribute than you assumed. Unfortunately, many people in the community (the end user) aren’t aware that there are ways to contribute that don’t include writing code.

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How you can contribute to WordPress

1. Participate in the community

The WordPress community is unlike any group I’ve seen, software or otherwise. Because WordPress currently powers 25 percent of all websites on the internet, and millions of people around the globe utilize the software each day, you’ll find a diverse mix of cultures, skills and personalities coming together in various ways.

If you haven’t participated in any of the various WordPress communities online or in person, it’s the easiest way to start connecting with others who share your passion.

Community Resources:

2. Answer questions on the support forums

Answering questions on the official WordPress.org support forums is not only a great way to give back and get involved in the community, but also the best way to help other users learn all that can be done with WordPress.

Not only can you share what you know, but because the support forums contain millions of existing threads, it’s also a great place to learn yourself.

Support Resources:

3. Help with documentation

Are you skilled at the written word? Do you find you have a knack for breaking apart technical processes into easy-to-understand steps? If so, consider contributing to WordPress documentation.

WordPress is always growing and changing, and areas of the WordPress.org site like the Codex, handbooks, inline documentation and even areas like developer.wordpress.org are in constant need of the written word.

Documentation Resources:

4. Translate WordPress

WordPress is used all over the world and because of this, there is an ongoing need for Polyglots (a person who knows and is able to use several languages) to assist in translating WordPress to other languages.

By helping to translate WordPress, you’ll be helping to democratize publishing by providing anyone in the world the ability to communicate their message to millions.

Translation Resources:

5. Volunteer as a reviewer

You probably know that there are tens of thousands of free themes and plugins available, all hosted on WordPress.org. Did you know that every single one of these themes and plugins gets reviewed by volunteers before being published?

Even though you may not consider yourself a hardcore theme or plugin developer, you can still get involved in reviewing the usage and functionality of themes and plugins to help ensure that end users have access to useful tools for their WordPress-powered websites and blogs.

Reviewer Resources:

There are many other ways to contribute to the WordPress project, but the five listed above have proven to be the easiest route for non-developers (like me).

You can find other ways to contribute to the WordPress project here.

Participation by users in the open source software world is what has made WordPress the chosen platform of millions of people worldwide. If you’ve been utilizing WordPress for your own website or blog, or even running your own web development business, please consider giving back to the project that has given so much to so many.

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