Channel Partner Benefits: What Are They?

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and they show no signs of slowing down. Recent projections from Cybersecurity Ventures indicates that global cybercrime costs could reach up to $6 trillion in 2021,The consequences of cyberattacks can be devastating to businesses, and may include financial damage, regulatory fines, disruption of business operations, and a tainted reputation. Hosting service providers (HSPs) have even more at stake because many people blame their HSP when their site gets hacked. In one survey, nearly 40% of respondents indicated that their opinion of their hosting provider changed after a data breach, and 10% were thinking about leaving their providers. This is why it’s crucial for HSPs to provide their customers with first-rate cybersecurity solutions.

However, keeping up with the latest technology and the cyberthreat landscape presents some challenges for HSPs. These include staying on top of product development, resource constraints, implementation time, and the costs of providing support for these solutions. In addition, HSPs have other products to worry about, such as domains, hosting, and website builders. The good news is HSPs can partner with SiteLock. Becoming a channel partner will deliver effective solutions that will deter and protect you and your customers from cyberthreats. So what are the channel partner benefits?

The Channel Partner Benefits

Hosting providers have a lot to gain from partnering with a cybersecurity company. Here are some of the key channel partner benefits for HSPs.

Be part of the growing cybersecurity market

The ever-increasing number of cyberthreats facing companies means that cybersecurity is a huge priority for organizations of all sizes. Website security is in a period of hyper-growth and is expected to reach $248 billion by 2026. Partnering with a cybersecurity company means you will be part of this rapidly evolving industry and grants you access to the latest threat trends and data, which can give you a competitive advantage.

Improve your security posture

A cybersecurity provider uses advanced technologies to monitor your customers’ websites for threats 24/7, and automatically removes them on detection. These cutting-edge security solutions include endpoint protection, vulnerability monitoring, and firewall management. In addition to protecting your customers, uncovering and cleaning malware and other security threats from their websites helps to secure your servers and keep them malware-free.

Protect your customers from cyberattacks

One of the most important channel partner benefits is the ability to give your customers first-rate protection from cyberattacks. A good cybersecurity channel partnership helps you provide your customers with highly effective automated malware protection and removal solutions, and helps you promote cybersecurity awareness and education among your customers. Offering your customers cyber threat protection and education can also increase your value in their eyes and set you apart from your competitors.

Improve your revenue

Revenue improvement is another channel partner benefit. A good partnership will boost your revenue in several ways. For example, it gives you the resources required to support hacked sites, allowing you to access new revenue streams by providing a critical security service. It also helps you to ensure that customers’ websites remain online and uninterrupted, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

Benefit from brand recognition

Partnering with a recognized cybersecurity brand can give companies increased confidence in your hosting company. This is because they can rest assured that your company is committed to providing the highest level of privacy and security to customers.

Work with a dedicated account team

One of the many channel partner benefits you receive when you partner with an established cybersecurity company is access to their account and sales teams. These teams have vast industry experience and can ensure you are successful selling your chosen cybersecurity solution to your customers.

Receive extensive marketing support

Your channel partner benefits also grant you access to their library of marketing tools, GTM best practices, marketing content, and more to help you generate leads, improve conversion, and increase average revenue per customer.

These are just some of the channel partner benefits you’ll receive from establishing a solid relationship with a cybersecurity company. Ultimately, partnering with a cybersecurity provider offers a valuable opportunity to protect your customers from ever-evolving cyberthreats, while boosting your company’s reputation and revenue.

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