Are Your Customers Afraid of Cyberattacks?

December 14, 2016 in Cyber Attacks

Retail therapy is the act of shopping with the primary purpose to improve the buyer’s mood. This form of “therapy” is practiced among many consumers, with more than half of Americans admitting to making a purchase as a way to lift their spirits. As therapeutic as shopping can be, it also raises fear among many consumers – especially around the holiday season. With websites, including eCommerce sites, experiencing 22 cyberattacks per day on average, shoppers have good reason to be concerned.

SiteLock conducted a survey to answer this very question. We found that a sizeable 20 percent of respondents are not even planning to shop online this holiday season. When those consumers were asked why, 31 percent said they were concerned their personal information would be at risk…or even stolen. As cybercriminals are gearing up for a lucrative season, it is important to be aware of how they plan to attack your website and steal your customers’ sensitive information.

Check out our holiday infographic to learn more about our holiday survey.

Cyberattacks: The Gift You Can’t Return

With nearly 1 million new malware threats released each day, we predict that malware will continue to be a prime method of cyberattacks this December. Cybercriminals use malware to gain unauthorized access to your site, including your site’s source code and database. Once they’re in, they can steal sensitive data, like your customers’ credit card information.

Not only can malware be used to steal information, it can also compromise the integrity of your website and create substantial risk to your visitors. The scary truth is, malware-infected websites can install malicious software on a visitor’s computer to steal private information and attack other computers.

Knowing all of this, it is no wonder consumers fear shopping online. In fact, 65 percent of consumers say they won’t return to a store where their data’s been compromised. If you haven’t had a chance to cross website security off of your holiday to-do list yet, we can help move the process forward.

A Very Merry & (Cyberattack-Free) Website

A website scanner is one of the most effective ways to find and remove malware from your eCommerce site. Scanners are designed to automatically check a website’s files for known malware scripts, algorithms, backdoor files, and malicious code. If malware is found, you will be alerted immediately. It is important to note that not all scanners can automatically remove the malware from your website, so be sure to find a solution that can both detect and clean your site of malware.

Above all, ensure your customers are having a fun and therapeutic experience while shopping on your site this holiday season.

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For more tips on how you can protect your website this holiday season, check out our blog, “Hacked for the Holidays? 4 Tips for Safe Online Retailing.”

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