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About SiteLock ®

Company Overview

SiteLock, the Global Leader in business website security solutions, is the only web security solution to offer complete, cloud-based website protection. Its 360-degree monitoring finds and fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website performance and meets PCI compliance standards for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2008, SiteLock protects over 12 million websites worldwide.

Company Overview

SiteLock, the Global Leader in business website security solutions, is the only web security solution to offer complete, cloud-based website protection. Its 360-degree monitoring finds and fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website performance and meets PCI compliance standards for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2008, SiteLock protects over 12 million websites worldwide.

SiteLock has been recognized for innovation in Cybersecurity

Innovation is the cornerstone and driving force for SiteLock. The combination of our dedicated research and development efforts, aggresive product roadmap, and access to a massive global dataset, allows us to find more threats faster than anyone else and ensure customers have the features and functionality needed to keep their website secure.

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Neill Feather, President: We founded SiteLock in 2008 with the idea that we wanted to make website security available, approachable, and affordable, for customers and businesses of all sizes.

Tom Serani, Executive VP, Business Development: I mean, if you look at the marketplace in general, the website security market that is, it's really in infancy stages. If you have an online presence, you need some form of security. We don't expect our partners to be experts at website security. That's our job, and we take pride in it.

Binod Purushothaman, Director, Product and Technology: Fortunately, we have a lot of good data about our customers. We have data about what the problems are, how best to solve those problems for them, and this helps us a lot in finding an optimal solution. The entire team is very passionate about keeping small business up and running. If we do our job right, then people's sites will keep running, they keep making money. That's what matters to us.

Scott Lovell, Director, Engineering: What makes SiteLock and its products special, is the dedication that comes from the folks who are working on it. From early on, we were always concerned with the scale of the product, it was never our goal to go out there and help a hundred customers, or a thousand customers. We were looking to help as many people as we could.

Neill Feather: We're really a one-stop shop for website security. What that means to our customers is that they don't need to engage with four or five different vendors to make sure that their site is as fast and safe as possible. They can get all that under one umbrella, so they can get back to focusing on what they care about, which is their business.

Eli Lopez, Sales Manager: One of our key points is 'customers first'. When you put that at the front set of your priorities, and make sure that's the first thing you do, take care of the customer, everything else falls into place.

Jenna Swift, Team Lead: I will do whatever it takes to ensure customer success, and for me it starts with customer service. Listening to a customer, understanding, and then resolving the problem.

Ally Hale, Team Lead: I feel like we have a culture where management actually really supports the employees, and I feel like as a company we actually take really good care of our employees, which is amazing.

Weston Henry, Supervisor, Web Security Research: SiteLock has grown so fast, and it physically manifests in our beautiful new offices we moved into, and which we'll shortly outgrow.

Neill Feather: We don’t think that every business owner needs to be an expert on website security; they just need access to those experts when they need them. And that’s what we’re looking to provide at SiteLock, and that’s what we think makes our company special.

Key Features

Website Acceleration

Improve SEO and reduce bandwidth and server use with SiteLock's Global Content Delivery Network (CDN); ensure a consistent and speedy consumer experience.

DDoS Protection

Protect websites from all types of DDoS attacks with auto-detection and triggering, and fewer than 0.01% false positives.

Web Application Firewall

Secure websites from automated and human targeted attacks, prevent scrapers, block backdoor access and sort out bot traffic.

Automatic Detection and Remediation

Get 360-degree protection from malware and identify vulnerabilities with daily malware detection scans, automatic malware removal and expert support.

Expert Support 24/7/365

Connect with SiteLock's specialized security engineers any time of day via email, chat and phone, and use SiteLock911 for emergency malware removal.


Learn Why Customers Love SiteLock

Leadership Team

Neill Feather

Neill Feather — President

Neill Feather is the president of SiteLock, the leading provider of website security solutions for business. At SiteLock, Neill leads the company's approach to 360-degree domain security by providing industry analysis and utilizing rapidly evolving data sets related to security and hacking trends. Neill has over 20 years of experience in the technology and systems industry, notably providing technology solutions and industry insights for Johnson & Johnson prior to joining SiteLock. Neill holds B.S. degrees in Statistics & Information Systems and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

Blake Rodgers

Blake Rodgers — Marketing

Blake Rodgers is the senior vice president of marketing at SiteLock. At SiteLock, Blake leads the go-to-market strategy, and enhances the product roadmap to increase the company's market footprint. With 20 years in the product management, brand development, and operations leadership space, Blake holds expertise in product development and integrated marketing management. Prior to joining SiteLock, he was a Global Marketing Director at Johnson & Johnson, where he spent almost 10 years bringing new products to market and driving growth. He holds a degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University, and an MBA from Franklin University.

Scott Lovell

Scott Lovell — Engineering

Scott Lovell is the director of engineering at SiteLock. One of the founding members of the SiteLock team, Scott runs the technology infrastructure and product enhancement branch of SiteLock. With more than 14 years in the shared hosting environment as a programmer, software architect and manager, Scott's expertise lies in performance optimization, database management, code security and the Internet-based environment. Scott holds degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from Clark University.

Binod Purushothaman

Binod Purushothaman — Product and Technology

Binod Purushothaman is the director of product and technology at SiteLock. At SiteLock, Binod uses his knowledge of the internet industry and product management to incorporate market perspective and user requirements into the SiteLock product portfolio. His extensive knowledge of technology product management comes from developing several technology startups in India and the United States prior to joining SiteLock. Binod holds an MBA from Cornell University.

Jelmer Verkleij

Jelmer Verkleij — Patchman Engineering

Jelmer Verkleij is the head of Patchman Engineering for SiteLock. Jelmer has over eight years of experience in the web hosting industry. In 2014, he co-founded Patchman, a Dutch web security startup that automatically detects and patches vulnerabilities for hosting providers. Based out of the Netherlands, Jelmer leads the Patchman engineering team with threat analysis and product architecture. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Embedded Systems from the University of Twente.

Tom Serani

Tom Serani — Business Development

Tom Serani is the executive vice president of business development at SiteLock. Tom has more than 20 years of experience in the Internet and security technology field, and leverages this in his role at SiteLock, where he develops and maintains channel partnerships with leaders in key growth markets. His track record is built on driving multi-million dollar growth and global expansion at established and startup technology companies, including GeoTrust, VeriSign, RatePoint, EMC, and CoreSecurity.

Tom has also served on multiple advisory boards for cloud-based technology and online security related companies. He holds a degree in Communications from the University of Massachusetts.

James Murphy

James Murphy — Sales

James currently serves as VP, Sales for SiteLock. He is a seasoned sales leader with over 12 years of leadership experience and has worked with some of Arizona’s most recognizable entrepreneurial organizations. He has a strong history of building and managing profitable sales organizations that drive exponential growth. James has been influential in creating a winning culture inside each sales organization he has had the honor to be a part of. Early in his career, James was an integral member of a sales organization that experienced one of the largest mergers in the web hosting industry, which eventually led to an IPO.

Awards and Honors